About Us

miemana is a fashion social project that aims to empower people with special needs. Our mission is to incorporate people with disabilities in the manufacturing processes of our products. And we make handbags and leather accessories.

All our products are handmade in Spain by high-quality workshops who deeply support our social mission and help us to coordinate the manufacturing processes between them and the special organizations that work with us.

All the tassels of our handbags are made in the Centro de Apoyo a la Integración from Fundación Vinjoy in Oviedo, Spain. We currently have a team of 8 wonderful people who are part of this project. The tassels are signed inside by the artisan who made them.

miemana is in the process of incorporating new organizations which might be interested in being part of this adventure. Please contact us on info@miemana.com if you are interested in a partnership.

We believe in the power of our differences because, simply, there are no disabilities we all simply have different abilities.